Konstfrämjandet Bergslagen


Konstfrämjandet Bergslagen

Utställning: Raha Rastifard — A Story Written With Water

In this series, through a different approach to the Persian calligram art, Raha Rastifard transformed a selected number of modern old Persian poetries along with her own pieces and rehearsed an artistic version of those lyrics engraved in her memories from those poetries through the blue shades of ink and watercolour on silk paper.

Going through the alphabetically detectable parts of calligrams, which makes a connection to the past, present and future, resembles floating on streams of memories, thoughts and dreams. A Story Written With Water resembles a diary where reality, dreams and fantasies are intertwined in a rather calm but inconsistent state which gives the work its non permanent characteristic. The texts are arranged in random patterns, text as sculpture/sculpture as text. The series is presented via different mediums. The rug plays a historic role, an archive, a memory pattern. In Persian culture and art, rugs and carpets are playing a significant role. Not only based on their artistic and cultural heritage and importance but also the social and personal bonding it plays for many. Stories involving rugs and carpets are nothing out of the ordinary in Persian cultural heritage. Raha Rastifard shares her vision through the patterns and colours of a calligram embedded via digital print on a modern rug.

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